It’s been two years since I got the call that changed not only my life, but the lives of everyone close to us. Two years ago, I was headed to the NICU to meet the baby that became my son. As I laid eyes on him, I heard someone say clear as day, “This is your son”.

It has been a miraculous journey, fraught with heartache, and joy, agony and ecstasy. It has been worth Every Single Second. I would do it all over again tomorrow. I often say the gifts we were given, not just our boy, but the blessings and the grace, far outnumbered the pain by a billion percent. I believe this with all my heart. 

I scoffed at the voice in my head, the one I heard two years and three hours ago. I now listen to those voices. They got me where I am, helped me along the path, dropping breadcrumbs and faith at my feet. They gave me a son, the fourth child I’ve always longed for, but never thought I would have. 

Our family is complete, with this one tiny bundle that dropped into our lives one sunny Valentine’s Day. I want to say thank you again to my older children. To Stinky, and Dozer, and the Teen. Thank you to my husband. Thank you to the woman and man who gave my son life. Thank you to our family, our friends, our community. All of these people brought us where we are. I will remain eternally grateful. 

This is what we’ve done, all of us together. We brought this home-


And we loved this into being-


We did good, y’all.  What an amazing celebration of the power of love. They say love always wins, and they are right. Happy Valentine’s Day, from all of us.