Because I REALLY love bullet points!

  • The Teenager has moved back in. It’s going pretty well. She is job hunting and we are looking for a cheap car. We seem to have come to a truce and I’m hopinh it holds. This house needs some peace.
  • SB’s birthday party is in two weeks. We are having a vintage cowboy Christmas themed party. Love me some Etsy party printables! We are going to have chili, roast hot dogs, and have a hot chocolate bar. Hopefully the heat wave will leave and the weather will cooperate. Now, I am searching for the perfect cake to have made. 
  • I seem to be in denial that Christmas is very soon. I am seriously behind on my shopping and still have no idea what I am going to get my kids. My decorations are up though!
  • This week, I really need to push and complete everything on my list so that I can just relax the rest of the holiday season. 
  • I found out all of our medical expenses that health insurance didn’t cover are a tax deduction, which is amazing. It’s going to help us out a ton, since we’ve had so many expenses.
  • Dozer is getting braces. It’s a rush now to get it done so the cost can be included in the expenses above. One more thing to handle.
  • Stinky has pulled it out at school. He is making grades, turning in his work, being kind and helpful and responsible. This makes me VERY happy. I love homeschooling, but there were some lessons that public school has for him that I’m happy to see him learning.
  • Hubs and I went out for a date night last night. we went to a new sports bar that has a great microbrew selection. I had three beers and have a killer headache. I am getting old. Sigh.
  • We are settling in to life as a normal, happy family, and i am loving every second of it. All the kids are doing great. I need to find some time to really focus on Hubs, and that’s actually on my list this next week. We really need tp put some work and effort into each other. Not that things are bad, they are awesome, but I know we need to nuture what we have to keep it that way.