I made DH take some time off work, as he’s been working so hard at the office and then at home. He needs to enjoy the home we’ve been working so hard to put together, and just rest. 

Yesterday was Day One. He puttered around the yard and then we laid in the pool for a couple of hours while SB napped. I put sunscreen on. And I put it on my whole body. So, when I asked Hubs if he’d applied his, and he said yes, and I went on about my day. Apprently, my question needed a qualifier, and I needed to ask him if he had suscreen on his WHOLE body, because he did not. I let him fall asleep in the pool, and he is a very burned boy 🙁

We had dinner reservations at a place that sounded fabulous, and was very much not. I really don’t know why we kept ordering courses, but Hubs said it was because he kept thinking that he would get at least one thing that was yummy and worth the high price tag. That was not to be. All of it, down to the dessert, was super blah. They did have these amazing $11 cocktails, and Hubs was drinking those (I was the DD last night). So, when the waiter came during dessert to ask us how our food was, my husband stretched his tanned arms out along the back of the booth, leaned back, tilted his cowboy hat up, looked at the waiter straight faced, and said “Not worth a shit.” I almost died. The waiter was so flustered he just kind of mumbled something and then left. I couldn’t stop laughing about it all night.

Next, we went to a burlesque show, and it was a blast. Again, there were more drinks, and Hubs was having a ball, hooting and hollering. I loved how the show is a woman run business and all these ladies really celebrated their bodies and their femininity and creative and fun ways. At intermission, I was showing Hubs pictures of Great Dane puppies, and he was ohh-ing and aww-ing at the puppies. We got to one, and he was so precious and wrinkly, and Hubs sweetly said, “Awwwwwwwww, look at him, just sitting there waiting to grow into all that skin!!!” Which is exactly what it looked like that dog was doing. I couldn’t breathe from laughing.

As we left, Hubs’ sunburn was hurting really bad, so right as we pull out of the parking lot, he took off his pants. We cracked up the whole way home about possible explanations we could give the cops if we got pulled over. We knew the truth, that I only had two drinks all night, and that Hubs had no pants because of a sunburn, was probably not going to work in that part of town, with me dressed in my pin-up dress and a pantsless man in my car.

Yesterday was a blast. Thirteen years in, and he’s still my favorite person to spend time with. The best part is, we still have three more days of staycation!