My mom, dad, and sister. We had a great day yesterday. Went to lunch, to the Arboretum, and headed to my favorite, Chicken Scratch, for dinner. Chicken Scratch was closed for a private party, so that sucked, but we ended up going to my daughter’s work and having a great time. Then, we came him and I gave my baby sister a baking lesson. The Champagne Cake recipe she found is unbelievably incredible. I’m eyeballing it, and am pretty sure it is going to be breakfast. 

Later today, we are heading to the Stockyards and the rodeo, and dinner at a famous Mexican haunt. I’m pretty stoked about it. I just wish they didn’t have to go home tomorrow. 

Oh, and Hubs rolled down a hill yesterday like a little kid while he was teaching Sb how it’s done. It was pretty epic. He ended up covered in mud, laughing like a five year old. He really needed that.