6:45 Wake and feed dogs, start laundry, let out chickens, fill their water
7:00 drink coffee, pay bills, plan day
7:30 make a dozen muffins for breakfast and freezer
8:30 SB up, feed both boys breakfast and clean up kitchen
9:00 shower and pick up house, fold a load of laundry
10:30 leave to pick up some organizing drawers I bought off Craigslist and take SB to gym
11:00-11:50 gymnastics
12:00 store for groceries
1:00 eat a quick salad, feed SB lunch, put him down for a nap
1:15 run Dozer’s sleepover buddy home
2:00 fold another load of laundry that’s done, follow up on kids who haven’t done chores
2:30 sort paperwork and bills
3:00 fridge repairman arrives, play puzzles with SB
4:00 start dinner prep, feed dogs, switch laundry, visit with Hubs when he gets home
5:30 eat, mow the back acre
7:00 fill bird feeders, straighten back yard, feed chickens, random yard tasks
8:00 take a bath, read a book
8:30 last load of laundry, SB in jammies
9:00 SB in bed, put away laundry
9:45 finally collapse into bed and watch some TV
10:15 bedtime