So, one of the way my spirit guides communicate with me is by sending me birds, and sometimes other animals. The attributes of animals all correspond to a theme or situation in your life, and when they come to you, it is referred to as a totem. Here’s an article that explains more, if you are interested. 

Anyway, I get sent hawks frequently, and that’s my sign that my guardian angels are protecting and watching out for me. I wrote about a particularly poignant experience with hawks, in my essay, Guardians. Vultures mean change, ravens mean my abilities are about to increase, or new ones are on the horizon. Squirrels remind me that I’m too busy, or focusing too much on social stuff while not taking care of business.

This morning, a goldfinch was at my feeder. It’s the wrong season, and I’ve lived in this area forever and never had a goldfinch visit before. I knew it was sent to tell me something. I looked it up, and behold, goldfinches represent:

  • Understanding the value of change
  • Ability to resolve family conflicts in a healthy manner
  • Creating balance in dealing with different peoples
  • Understanding the power of voice, speaking your truth

Knock me over with a feather! (Ha ha, see what I did there?) I am definitely in a place in my life with the dissolution of my relationship with my oldest child wherein I need to heed what goldfinch has to tell me. I am out of balance in some relationships with people in my life, and not just my daughter. Today, that changes. 

While I am able to embrace change and see the gifts within the ending of life cycles and relationships, I have allowed a few people to throw me off kilter and am not in balance with the relationships I have with them. I spoke my truth kindly, and I stand in that. And now I recreate balance in my relationships and keep people in the places they need to be in my life.

My daughter is being held in a place of love and light, with firm boundaries and lots of prayer. Other people who, even unintentionally, bring sadness and hurt and/or drain my energy are to be held out of the center of my life, on the periphery. This is how it needs to be so that I can focus on the things that bring me joy, and so that I can stay in balance while focusing on the Highest Good of everyone near and dear to me. 

I’m pretty grateful for that little goldfinch in my window this morning, for his reminder and gentle encouragement. Now, I’m off to fill the feeders. Have a beautiful day!