I’m sure you’re all dying to know how the house is coming along (can you hear my sarcasm?), and I’m happy to report it’s very close to finished. in the last 11 days, we’ve had:

  • four rooms painted
  • the gutters cleaned
  • the house deep cleaned
  • the carpets cleaned
  • the windows cleaned
  • the landscaping all around the house completely trimmed up
  • all the furniture moved into place
  • pictures hung.

It was exhausting. But we wanted to get in here and get it all in shape so we can just sit back and enjoy it. We are almost there, for the most part. We still need to:

  • buy a riding lawn mower
  • find a dining table for the formal dining room- the buyer for our old house wanted ours
  • replace the ugly front door
  • get the flower beds turned over, and a few things replanted, which is happening Friday)
  • take down a few dead trees
  • get some big pots for the front of the house and plant them with sweet potato vine
  • fix the gate and fence so my dogs stop visiting the neighbors (my dad is coming to help with this Saturday)
  • figure out what kind of farm animals we want and plan and build a stable onto our barn

Long range we want to fence the whole front acre of this place, and put in a giant stocked pond, but that’s down the road a ways. I am as in love with this house as I knew I would be. I am finally in my forever home. I completely adore it here. As I’ve been writing, I’ve watched the turkeys, bunnies, and birds in all sizes from vulture to sparrow visit my yard. I have wild grapes growing all over, and room for a huge garden. I’m just grateful that we get to be here, and can’t imagine what this place will look like in five years.