So much to share, so little motivation. This month has been an astrological humdinger, bringing out so much negativity and angst for so many of us. I’ve just been trying to duck and cover and do my life and stay in a place of peace and protection from the maelstrom. I know one thing- I have beautiful, intelligent, strong women in my life for whom I am exceedingly grateful. 

We are all good. Strong, healthy, happy, content. All of the major outside work for Spring is finished, the final touch being rehab of the playset that came with the house. I made a new awning and am replacing all the swings today. My mom is coming tomorrow for the weekend. SB is counting the hours, as she told him she would buy him the new toy he’s been wanting. 

Preparing to do respite is going well. We are almost finished, with our final walkthrough happening next week. Licensing should happen within two weeks, so that’s exciting. SB’s former sitter and her partner will be licensed this week, so the timing is good, since I hope to help them with their placements. 

Otherwise, we are living in a blur of football and Dozer’s job and school responsibilities, daily life with as much time for fun as possible thrown in. My husband’s job is going gangbusters, and we are grateful for the opportunity to make hay while the sun shines. The timing is good, too, since we have to pay the school fees for the girls in Tanzania that we sponsor, and it snuck up on us without much time to prepare.

All in all, things are good. I’m very ready for April to come to a close, for the energetic heaviness that laid over this month like a smelly old blanket to leave. Until then, I’m just gonna keep on swimming, head under water, eyes on the prize.