We had an eleven o’clock appointment today at the DFPS office in another town. It was a “Presentation Staffing”. Now that we have had a chance to browse through the five five inch binders that contain the paper trail of my son’s life, we had the opportunity to ask any questions and get any information that we may have missed. There wasn’t anything. I mean, I did read some humdingers about BioMom’s behavior in the NICU after SB was born, but we had no questions. (But OMG I wish I could tell you guys what all went on up at the hospital!!!)

Anyway, I headed out early, needing to hit the health food store on the way. I still have some really wonky intestinal stuff going on, and I’m going to work on rebuilding my gut so I can be a fully functional human again, hopefully. The errand didn’t take as long, so I ended up getting near the DFPS office sooner than I’d planned. It was in a BAD part of town. I’m not a genius, but I’m smart enough to know if there’s a wig store and a plasma donation center next door to each other, you’ve found reason to keep your doors locked and your windows up. I called Hubs and asked him where he was , and he was right behind me getting gas. He said he’d never been so glad of the fact that he has a concealed carry permit in his life. Some guy at the gas station REALLY liked his wheels…

So, we get to the place, sign some papers, affirm that we have no questions, and then they moved right into doing the adoptive placement paperwork. (I may have cracked some jokes about how it’s only eleven days until I can start spanking him, but no one seemed to think I was very funny.) This means that SB is officially placed in an adoptive home, we no longer get a government check, and all that’s left is the judge to sign the petition. We also found out that he DOES qualify for the free college tuition, so that’s awesome. It’ll help offset the legal fees that we had to pull from our retirement fund. We were also told to make sure we apply for a new social security number for him, if we want one. I said we definitely did, since we didn’t want SB to have a mobile home and a four wheeler in his name before he’s five. Again, no one smiled. No idea what’s wrong with those people, not liking my gallows humor!

Things seem to be humming right along. It’s crazy how now that we are at the end, everyone is rushing around and going crazy to make it happen. Wow. It’s happening. And yes. I cried when DH signed the paperwork.