I’ve been sorely lacking in the self care department lately. I haven’t been practicing what I preach which is mammas/daddies need to take care of themselves first, so they can better care for others. Between foster care, raising 4-6 kids, teenager drama, courtroom theatrics, school starting, illness, etc., I haven’t done a good job taking care of myself. I lost too much weight, look like hell, and am in general kind of a mess. So, when the kids went back to school I started focusing on me. I made sure to get my nails done, got a chemical peel, and maybe I’m gonna cop to a little Botox 😛 Anyway, over the weekend I left the sick people with Hubs and did some shopping. Nothing I own fits, so I treated myself to a bunch of new PINK stuff since that’s what I wear most days while I am Mommying around up in here. I also got some new tops, and today I blew out Kohl’s exercise section, and bought a bunch of cute undies. I’m going to join the local yoga studio and get my Kundalini on, y’all! I’m looking forward to feeling better about myself and filling my me tank. My reserves are seriously low, and it was time to do the pick me up things that will keep me running in top form. 

So, if you see a 30-something mom with a bunch of tattoos and a perfectly smooth smiling face, toting a darling toddler on her hip while wearing some cute new duds, say hi. It’s probably me.