My husband built my garden beds over the weekend. I think I will want about two more, but this is a good start. We have to have dirt brought in because stupid dirt is so expensive and the best to do it is to to buy it in bulk. I’m going to go ahead and have them bring gravel too, to line the walkways between the beds. Onions and potatoes are going in this afternoon, along with lettuce, kale, spinach, and chard seeds. Excited!

I hauled rocks yesterday, with the help of the big kids, and we used an old watering trough that’s too large for the donkeys and a bunch of rocks pulled from our property to make a pond. Sugar Biscuit and I are going to meet some friends for playtime, then head to the pond and fish store for a few cheap gold fish, a bubbler/waterfall pump, and some aquatic plants. We will see how long it is before the hawks eat all the fish LOL! I have a bigger pond project in mind for the front of my house, and then a HUGE pond project after that, so this is my almost free starter pond so I can learn all the basics. There’s a pretty good sized learning curve on ponds, but it looks like a cool hobby, and my kids are really getting into it. 

A recent essay is about to be published, and I’ve been working with the editors on choosing a photo for it. I’ll post the link when it hits. I need to be writing more, but I keep getting distracted. I NEED to work on my dumb cookbook. Not enough hours in the day. I would never do it, but sometimes I’m tempted to find a school where SB can go for more hours so I can get all my work done. He won’t be small for long, though, and the work will always be there.

The guesthouse is cleaned and I’ve bought new towels and sheets and such. Started seeing clients in there last week and it was awesome. I am so thankful to have that space to work in, it feels so good in there. 

I’m also getting excited about travels for the year. Looks like a trip to Kansas City with my mom and sisters is in the works for late February, which means we will need to push our Big Bend trip back, but that’s okay with me. I am definitely seeing the Marfa Lights this year! Plus, the Hawaii trip in August.

Plus, I finally feel good. I’ve been dragging ass since the first of the year. My other psychic best friend told me I’d be slow at the beginning of the year, but things are about to take off. Buckling my seatbelt, because she is almost ALWAYS right LOL! 

Oh, and I’m starting classes next month to get certified as a respite provider for foster families. We aren’t ready to jump in full time, but we also know how badly respite is needed. This is a way to help without strapping ourselves into the roller coaster with a whole commitment. Excited to meet some new kids and foster families and help when we can. Now, if my agency would just get back to me…. Sigh. Maybe we will end up switching agencies, if they don’t return my email and calls soon.

So, that’s that! I feel like I’ve been neglecting my blog lately, but there’s so much going on and so much to do and no time to be still. Just how I like it- busy and interesting!