themamalogues had a post last Wednesday (or in the ElectraDaddy timezone – today) asking for life jacket/PFD (personal flotation device) recommendations.

As someone who grew up in a well-known Florida beach resort town, I can’t stress enough the importance of having the right life jacket for…

Thanks electradaddy! We decided to go with the Puddle Jumper for shallow swimming at the lake/bay and we learned there are full  Harry-sized life vests on hand for boating when we go to the lake house in August. 

We do have close friends with an in ground pool – it’s not a walk-in pool so it’s over his head. Previously, when he was little we used one of those floats where he sat in it and I could pull him around, or hubs would hold him and bob around. But now that Harry’s really active I’m too nervous about it. I’m not sure I’m going to let him near the pool. But I’d love to hear what parents use for their toddlers – specifically in pools – for water safety. 

Don’t forget that very young children can learn to swim. Sugar Biscuit was a proficient swimmer after he had lessons last year, at age two. And he has gross motor issues. We did spend a decent sum getting him private lessons, but the peace of mind it bought was well worth it, especially since we have a pool. 

Life Jackets & Children