I need to blog about how our CASA worker is kind of encouraging me to do things that I am not comfortable with, and are in violation of our court order, in regards to contact with SB’s birth mom. I am having trouble making her understand that my family needs a break after all we have been through, and that I don’t want to have to consider such things until after the adoption is final. We must play nice with our CASA, and she is a darling lady, but I am concerned that she is being manipulated. I know that my personal opinion is that the CASA is being used in order to get information on SB. We deserve more privacy than we are getting, is what I think.

Also, I know I don’t at all like getting calls on the weekend about a bunch of “he said, she said” bullcorn involving SB’s birth parents. I earned the right to be free of that, and BioMom is NOT going to drag me back down that road.

Just a few more months, and I can get my life back, and be really and truly free of all this nonsense. I’m just hoping that I can avoid an awkward and unpleasant conversation reminding certain people that this is about SB, and what’s good for him, and not about the person who is no longer his legal parent.