When I’m not so angry, I’ll post more details about how Humana One is refusing to cover Sugar Biscuit’s Well Child visit last December. This is due to the fact that he was added November 9th, the date he was adopted, and there is a mandatory waiting period for 90 days in these situations.

There would be no waiting period if I had given birth to him.

Just let that sink in a minute. 

 said to the representative on the phone, “Let me make sure I heard you right. My son had no coverage for three months basically because he was adopted. My son, who was born very ill, and who needs medical follow up more than any of my biological children, doesn’t qualify for immediate coverage simply because he was born to people who were unable to care for him and happened to fall into the foster system and be adopted into our home. But if, for instance, I was a pill addict who gave birth to this child, he would have coverage from birth, if I were able to pay for it? And you guys are denying my claim for a $195 well check?” 

The poor guy on the phone sheepishly admitted I was correct. 

So, I guess I get to go on the war path and down the road of the appeals process. 

We’ve paid this company tens of thousands of dollars over the years, and have received about two thousand dollars of covered services for the whole family. 

Shame on Humana for this policy, that I am sure is meant to cover their asses, but ends up punishing children who need care the most.

Feel free to reblog. As a matter of fact, please reblog. Maybe someone, somewhere, will see this and can help other kids and adoptive families who are unfortunate enough to have chosen Humana as their health insurance provider.