We (mostly me, but whatever) have completely decluttered the whole house, got rid of excess furniture, pakced boxes, made two giant piles of giveaway/storage stuff, taken down all the Elfa shelving and packed the contents, hired a realtor, taken care of the necessary paperwork to sell this place, looked at about 10 houses which we have narrowed down to two possibilities, hired a painter, a handyman, a landscaper, scheduled the stager and the window washer, and managed to still run our household.

I’m a veritable rockstar. Except for that one nervous breakdown a few days ago, I mean.

The only thing left is touch up paint, packing some random things on the dining table, and clearing our closet. 

Then Hubs is going to take all our storable stuff to storage, and then we will have a huge fight about giving the giveaway pile to charity or trying to sell it in a garage sale in April. Our town doesn’t allow yard sales except twice a year and the next one is almost two months away. I’m hoping to be moved by then. Because preparing for garage sales are just about the only time I want to stab my husband.