Forty. The big four-oh. Middle aged. Halfway through this wild and glorious life. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. I wish someone had told me when I was fourteen how amazing forty would be. I’d have had something of substance to hold on to. Instead, like most teens, I bumbled through that part of my life, clumsily waltzed through early adulthood, swam through my thirties, only to arrive here, on the banks on forty, where the party is just getting started.

To be honest, I used to think that when older women said forty was the best part of their lives, it was something they were doing to console themselves with the rapid decline this age brings. But those women were right. Forty is the sweet spot. I am powerful, brave, fully at home in my skin, vibrant, sexy, alive, comfortable, confident. The need to explain myself is non-existent, the desire to please others almost gone, washed away by the passage of time. When I enter a room, all of me enters it, there is no reticence. I’ve earned the right to the space I inhabit, and I intend to live in it fully.

My body is strong and I honor it. These legs and feet carried me so far, carried my babies, took me across continents and over mountains. My hands have cradled and confronted and created thousands of times. My bones and skin house the whole of who I am, my goodness and my frailties, the glory that is my soul- and no one else’s. When I look in the mirror, into the clarity of my eyes, I see that this same soul has come fully home to itself and resides exactly where it was always meant to be. Of course there are places on my physical body that don’t meet the typical standards of beauty, but the best part of getting older is, I don’t care. I earned all these imperfections, and they make me who I am. I can honesty say I love every wrinkle, bulge, and jiggle. My body hasn’t failed me once, and for that I honor it.

I think this is what aging is, coming home to yourself. Being fully present in who you are, and embracing yourself. It is the wisdom to know when to wait, when to move forward, It is the courage to ask questions and then act on the answers. Aging brings a stillness in your heart, an ability to be at one with your breath. Getting older brings a clear knowing. All of these things are what still turn the heads of younger men when we enter a room, fully alive in our “middle aged” bodies.

So, If I’m getting older, I’ll take it! I’m just hitting my stride and this life thing is getting really interesting. Having learned the art of listening to my guidance, going where my life is leading me, following the whisperings of my soul, how could I fail to be excited? There is SO much in store for each of us, and we have these beautiful, comfortable, honest bodies to get us there.  This life holds so very much promise. It’s truly humbling. I get to be here, and I am using every second I have to be completely, totally alive. Because I know that if forty is this good, sixty is going to be amazing!