I think I have caregiver burnout, seriously. I am so. freaking. tired. of having to be everywhere at all times, and juggling everything. Between my mom’s breast cancer scare, the loss of my Gram, trying to process the last year and half, balance the needs of my family and my own personal needs, daily life, and the immortal question of What Now, I am exhausted. The apparent lack of anyone to pick up after themselves or to take any intiative to make my job easier has me so down. My emotional bank account is severely overdrawn, and I am at a loss as to how to get myself back in the black. I sure as hell can’t start tonight, because I have a charity event for Hub’s work the we can’t miss. As an extra bonus, it’s for a horse facility, and it’s pouring rain, and is partially outside. Sweet. Muddy horseshit all over everything is just the thing to elevate my mood.