I mean, I should have something, but I just don’t. So much going on, so much joy, so many blessings. It’s all tinged a bit with sadness that all of my children can’t be together for the holiday, but it is what it is, and I’m reveling in what we do have, and being present as much as possible.

Last night, we all danced goofy dances while cleaning up the kitchen and listening to Christmas music. It was pretty epic, and the feelgoods from that followed me all the way into today.

My client list for my life coaching business is increasing very rapidly. I’m finding it hard to balance raising a toddler and being fully present for the people who need my help. So far, it is working out, but I can tell it’s going to require some fine tuning. 

I mention my clients because since the feel goods from last night were with me, I was able to do some really good work (at least I hope I did) this morning, and plant some good seeds and maybe do some good in this world. 

So maybe that’s why I’m feeling quiet. Things are good, but busy with lots of work and fun and play all combined into one. Life is good around here these days, y’all.