I don’t know if you guys recall this, but a parakeet landed in my yard last year. We kept it for a while before rehoming it before our move. Yesterday, a cockatiel landed on the guesthouse roof. I called it, held my hand out, and it flew right to me and started nuzzling my cheek. I took it inside, drug the birdcage out of storage, got him some water, and started making calls. No one seems to be missing him, although I am sure someone is. He’s beautiful, and trained well. I’ve called animal control, local vets, and posted all over the internet. No one has come forward. So, it looks like we might have a new pet! Never thought I’d have a bird, but this one is darling and we kind of love him.

Still not sure why tame birds keep landing in my yard though. I guess they know we like to care for lost and/or hurting things.