Here is a letter I wrote to SB’s-

Mrs. A and Mrs. K- 

Today, SugarBiscuit left school bubbling over with joy. He was giddy, with a huge spring in his step. He told me repeatedly, “I had good day, Mom! I had FUN!!!” When we came home, he hugged my neck, and said, “Thank you Mom, thank you for my school.”

I cried as I held him close. 
I know you know some of his story. You know he was a foster placement that we adopted, and that he was born with drugs in his system. What you don’t know is that everyone told us he would be disabled or delayed, that he wouldn’t be like other kids. 
He spent the first six months of his life detoxing. When I first brought him home, he tremored and shook and screamed almost constantly. He rarely slept. Then, he had a year and a half of foster care limbo as the state decided what was to become of him, where he would grow up. 
And then he became ours, and we began to settle into life as a complete family. And then we moved, and then we found your school. The school where SB has learned how to be without me. The boy who would scream uncontrollably at birth parent visits, the one who had to be peeled away from me by social workers, has learned how to cheerfully separate. He’s learned how to trust that I will return. He’s learned how to be a friend, how to wash his own hands, how to go to the bathroom (mostly) unassisted. He knows colors and numbers and letters and darling little songs. 
All of this is because of you.
For all of these things and more, J and I are profoundly grateful. You are giving our littlest boy the tools that he needs to continue to flourish and grow. You are giving him so many, many blessings. So we say thank you for all you do. For the messes you clean, and the noses you wipe, the extra hours spent planning, and all the rest. 
Thank you most of all for blessing our boy and loving him almost as much as we do. We’ve found a gem in Summit, and look forward  to the next few years working together.

J and S