Sugar Biscuit is having a hell of a time with what appears to be half pink eye, half allergies, along with congestion and running nose. This is day three, and he’s really uncomfortable, and so when he woke this morning still ill, I put together a protocol. 

  1. I’m diffusing essential oils- peppermint, eucalyptus, and thieves for breathing and respiratory support
  2. I rubbed thieves on the bottoms of his feet.
  3. I rubbed a deep breathing blend of oils on his chest. 
  4. I’m  putting colloidal silver in his eyes every two hours.
  5. He’s taking a wild cherry cough formula every four hours.
  6. Tylenol as needed.
  7. Benedryl every 4-6 hours. 
  8. Lastly, our darling friend who is also a fabulous chiropractor specializing in children made a house call for an adjustment. 

I realize I could take him to the doctor for this. In fact,  I called and was unable to get in. All the doctor would be able to do is give us an antibiotic eye drop, and colloidal silver is an antibiotic, so…. He has no fever, and is basically just miserable from his symptoms. 

I’ll report back later in the day as to how he’s doing. I thought this might be useful to some of you with kids who want to try other methods before hitting the doctor’s office and exposing yourself and your kids to all the ickies there. 

I think one thing that being a mom for a long time makes me less likely to freak out or worry over illness. I see it as a natural response the body has and an opportunity for the immune system to build itself. I also know that most illnesses, even left untreated, will resolve themselves with no intervention from me.