I’ve found that when you seriously ask the above question, and then wait for the answer, you get what you asked for. The doors get blown off your life, the wheels go missing, your Universe expands, and just when you think it’s all falling apart, it comes back together.

I wanted to serve when I became a foster mom. I wanted to serve when I started writing honestly about the painful aspects of foster care. I wanted to serve when we got relicensed and took refugee children into our home. I want to serve when I work  as a life coach, hopefully helping people go beyond their preconceived limitations, embracing a brighter future.

It isn’t ever easy. While serving others, I’ve neglected serving those closest to me. I’ve strained relationships, cut ties, fallen short and fallen down. It’s been painful and exhilarating, awe-inspiring and exhausting. I’d like to say that as much as possible, I did my best. I might not have turned out like I thought it would, but I know without a doubt that every twist and turn in our lives  serves a purpose, bringing us what we need to carry with us into the future.

As my friend MaryElizabeth, and the Bhagavad Gita say, “On this path, no effort is wasted”. I believe with every fiber of my soul that this is true.

I am also painfully aware that without the people in my life, without my husband and children, without my confidantes, Ya-Yas, and co-creators, I would not have made it this far. If it weren’t for my babies sharing their mama, and my husband shoring me up, and the love of so many others, I would have become lost in the woods long ago.

And now it is time for the next chapter.

When doors fly open, I can’t help but step through them, one after another. Our lives have been a whirlwind of change, and I believe that everything was deconstructed so that we could build a new future, free from the material clutter that surrounded us. Over the last two months, a plethora of opportunity has landed at my feet, and although I am scared and unsure, I am stepping into the void.

“If you build it, they will come.” Right? So the movie says. I am building it. I believe, from my work with traumatized kids, combined with my work as an intuitive life coach with adults, that there are methods we can use to serve these kids and families, that simply aren’t being applied. I plan to apply them.

Within the next few months, I will be certified in Love and Logic, along with several other parenting methods, including TBRI though the work of Dr. Karen Purvis. I am also pursuing completing my certification in energy work, with a plan to use traditional parenting methods with a variety of alternative therapies, when needed, to mitigate the effects of trauma and lessen behavioral challenges. My goal is to asses each family and child, and provide a prescription for care based on each family’s individual needs.

In addition to parenting classes and workshops, I will be providing one on one coaching, in home and in office. I’m sharing office space near my home in a darling old house a friend has leased for her work as a massage therapist and health coach, as this space is perfect for me and just fell into my lap. My website will be live next week, and I’ll be moved in to the office within the next couple of weeks. I already have clients booked and I am beyond excited to go on this journey.

There are those that will point to my failures as a mother to my own children, my estranged oldest daughter. There are so many places in which I fall short. I will never claim to be perfect. I claim to be human, to be trying to do my part to make the world, and my family, a better place. What I have is a pretty decent skill set, and a desire to want the best for my children. Regardless of my shortcomings, I do have an innate gift and ability to help hurting children, to meet them where they are, and to find the key that unlocks the door to the healthy, whole child inside. I have a calling to provide other families with the tools to do the same.

So for now, this is how I will serve. I will learn how to be a working mom, how to be more present for my family when I am here, how to better balance the needs of others with my own needs. Everything is life is a learning experience, and this is no exception. I am learning how to build a business with no real knowledge, probably doing everything wrong and backwards. I am stepping out on faith, asking only how I may serve. Here goes somethin’…