Just mailed a card to SB’s legal dad* (he also had a biological dad that showed up six months into the case), thanking him for his testimony and promising to always do right by SB. I let him know he was beind adopted tomorrow. The DA brought LD (legal dad) into the termination trial, in shackles and jumpsuit, to testify against BioMom. His testimony sealed our case, and confirmed for me that Hubs and I were doing the right thing by fighting for SB. I just wanted to LD him know that we adore SB and promised to give him the best of everything we can give. I want him to know that he is cherished, and loved, and his little life has a bright future. It’s hard to find the words to really explain what having this child in our lives really means, but it felt good to get that out of the way. I’ve been meaning to do it forever. I hope it means something to him and I got my point across.

Hopefully, this is the last jail letter I’ll ever write.

*SB’s legal father is currently incarcerated for a murder that he commited last year during the pendancy of the CPS case, and it is likely he will receive life in prison, or perhaps the death penalty. The murder was commited while he was using. Strangley enough, this man who killed someone has always been the most clear eyed of SB’s first family in regards to giving him the best chance in life. Life is weird.