Stinky’s been kind of struggling lately with school. I can’t pinpoint what’s happening with him, but I am seriously considering placing him in my friend’s part time school. I thought we had it figured out, but he’s just sad and grumpy. His grades are back up, and he’s being responsible and getting his work done, but he’s just miserable about something, and has a lot of anxiety about school days.

So, we are skipping today and going to the local FancyMall to look at the fabulous toy train exhibits. Just me and my boys, looking at trains. Sometimes you just need a mental health day, and today is it.

I need to be at my friend’s custody trial, but I don’t have childcare for SB. I am really hoping to go tomorrow, it’s very important to me to be there to support her. It makes me feel like a bad friend, not being able to go.