Dreamt all last night that we were back in court with SB’s birth mom. That she had figured out a way to try and get him back, and we were doing the trial all over again, but I couldn’t find my lawyer. I was being accused of all kinds of horrible things and there was no one there to fight for me or tell my side. It was awful. Took me 15 minutes to remind myself that it was all over, and my baby isn’t going anywhere, and that legally, it is finished.

I am guessing this was all brought on by the fact that I mailed his birth father a packet of pictures. We haven’t heard from him in months, but I did want to keep up my end of the deal and send him the photos I’d promised. If we still get no response, I will drop it. Maybe the guy just wants to move forward with his life. There’s no way to know. I just wanted to make sure I reached out and did what I felt was right by SB.