I don’t know why we can never remember that when the baby is not sleeping, and is whiny, is usually a growth spurt. We were about to pull our hair out from lack of sleep (which Hubs blamed on the crib to bed transition that was actually really smooth and not an issue) and the whining, until it clicked yesterday. Sugar Biscuit ate three pieces of toast, a waffle, an orange, a pear, chicken nuuggets, another apple, and three bowls of brown rice with veggies and chicken yesterday. He also drank a TON of fluids. Then, he fell asleep at 7:30. He’s still asleep, over twelve hours later. Last night, I made Morning Glory Muffins to take to my inlaws for the holiday, and I made extras for him. They are his favorite. I’m wondering how many he will eat.

This post brought to you by the fact that I am doing a LOT of processing about adoption, and SB’s birth family, and what to do with them, but can’t put it in coherent form yet. So, muffins!