I’ve been working really hard over here to teach Rocco to say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’. He is at the age where people will offer him a cookie and then hold it away and until he says ‘Please’.

‘Uh huh. Say please, Rocco! You want a cookie, don’t you? You can have it when you say please!’

Great post! Since I’m from the South, and was raised partially by my Grammmy, manners are HUGE. I say please and thank you and yes sir and no ma’am to my kids from birth, hoping they will mirror what I do. So far, it’s working. Even Sugar Biscuit, at 2 1/2, says thank you when a waitperson brings him something, and says yes ma’am in answer to a request. I’m proud of this. Because here’s the thing, manners are important. They make people more likely to want to help you and befriend you. I’m hoping by being well-mannered children, I’m setting my kids up for being more successful adults. 

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