So, mommy cat and kittens were pretty sick. Way sicker than my friend who brought them to me realized. Once we realized they needed vet care, we contacted the rescue my friends were with. They refused to acknowledge how sick the cats were, wanted me to get a nebulizer, keep giving the meds they’d sent, blah blah blah. I kept insisting they needed a vet. Last night, one of the kittens started to die. This morning, my friend told the rescue to blow it out their hiney holes and came and took all the cats to the vet at her expense (I threw in some cash too). The sick one died. I am still waiting on a report on the rest. I’m pretty pissed that someone calling themselves a rescue would deny medical treatment to an animal, thinking I was just some ignorant foster home overreacting to illness in an animal. Shame on them. I hope mommy Fiona and the rest of her babies pull through and that it wasn’t too late for them, too.