For YEARS, Jenny McCarthy has been the most vocal anti-vaccine spokesperson in the world. McCarthy had claimed (despite all evidence to the contrary) that childhood vaccines had caused her young son’s autism. Now in a stunning article in Time magazine, it’s revealed that McCarthy’s son NEVER had autism in the first place. It turns out the boy had been misdiagnosed and really has a rare neurological disorder. Fortunately, the child is getting better and no longer displays any signs of autism. However, McCarthy has not apologized for her misdirected zealotry against having children vaccinated. Even if she did, APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED. How many thousands and thousands of children have developed childhood diseases because their idiot mothers saw Jenny McCarthy on Oprah or some other show and refused to get them vaccinated? We’ll never know. What IS known is the CDC literally called McCarthy “a menace to public health.”

(via punkdad)

Whether she’s wrong or not, I trust the bodies of my children, my intuition as a mama, and the billions of years of evolution, over big pharma any day. And that’s definitely all I’m going to say about this subject.