Last night I dreamt my oldest daughter jumped off the ship we were on, into shark infested waters. They promptly ate her, leaving only a knee, which Brandon salvaged and brought back to me. This morning, I looked up what knees mean. They stand for ego, and pride, and being inflexible. Woah.

The next dream, I was told my daughter, who was alive on the Navy ship our whole extended family was on, broke some serious rules. She and I had a horrible fight about it, and we were told she was put to death. I refused to believe this, and sweet talked a navy guy into taking me to look for her. I found her in the bowels of the ship, after walking through what looked to be a very dark prison, with rows and rows of kids like her laying in beds in the near darkness. I got her out, got her off the ship, and she was still angry with me. What I remember most clearly is saying to my daughter, “You can be angry with me, but I never gave up on you. I hunted and searched, and I believed in you, and I never left you behind.”

So, that was last nights prophetic and busy dream life. Hoping that tonight I actually get to sleep!