Oh my gosh, y’all! I have a Christmas miracle to share. A month ago, a fellow foster mom called me. She is a single mom, desperate to adopt. Her first placement went to a relative and she was heartbroken. I’d told her that I thought she’d get a blonde haired, blue eyed little boy around Thanksgiving. (For those of you that don’t know, I am an intuitive/psychic and people often call me for my take on things.Like how I just threw that in there seeing if anyone notices?) I didn’t hear from her again until Monday night. Turns out, she’d gotten a call Thanksgiving week about a little boy who was FREE FOR ADOPTION (!!!!), he has a small congenital heart defect, but the caseworker had heard about my friend from someone who had met her in a class. My friend is a peds ER nurse at the big children’s hospital here, and the caseworker seeked her out because of this boy’s needs. Anyway, I just got a text. She’s bringing her new son home today. This was a total God thing. This never happens that CPS hunts you down and hands you an available infant. NEVER. I am just thrilled to pieces for her. She got the best Christmas present ever!!!

(And he has blonde hair and blue eyes, looks just like I thought he would. SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!)

SB and I just did the happy dance all around the house, complete with screeching and yelling “YAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!”.