So, Hubs was talking the last couple of days about building our own house. The idea doesn’t appeal to me, just from the stress factor. He’s in the industry though, and knows a lot of people, so he started looking at land to build on. While doing this, he found a tiny log cabin, 1600 sq. ft, on an acre on the lake, surrounded by mansions. It’s totally tiny, and needs a LOT of work, and we are in love with it without having even seen the inside. The house is livable, and we are just about to the place where we are going to buy it, and live in it for a while to get the feel of the place, and fix it up, and add on. Or current house is 3500 sq. ft. This would mean living in less than half the space. It also means cutting our living expenses by two-thirds, freeing up all kinds of cash. If this all happens, I feel a new blog coming on. “A Year of Living Small: Our Lives in Half the Size”. Hubs is excited about the prosepct of having less stuff, less of everything, which isn’t like him. He usually likes everything to be fancy. I am excited about the challenge. My kids are going to FREAK out. More info later today, and I will keep you posted.