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Chapter Two- The NICU

You never forget the moment you meet one of the loves of your life. When the phone rang, the man from child placement on the other end of the line said, “Ma’am, I suppose there’s been a mistake. Are you... Read More

Chapter One- Mountains

Fire safety plans, lists of rules and consequences, tax returns, bank statements, transcripts, medical records. There is a mountain of paperwork that comes with a license to foster. There are hours of classes in which you are given information that... Read More

Three Eggs

*This is the first in an installment of a series I intend to write about my five years of experience as a foster mom. In August of 2010, I found myself suddenly in Tanzania on a bus full of high... Read More

I was not a perfect foster parent.

When my former husband and I got licensed as foster parents in 2010, our license came with big plans. Inspired by women I met in a foster care support group, I planned to love the parents of the children placed... Read More

In Practice

Last night was Sugar Biscuit’s first soccer practice. He was so excited to go, until he got there. I was busy with a late client, so Dozer drove him for me. As soon as he got there, the tears and... Read More

Clean Up, Clean Up

Coming home after vacation to an empty fridge and pantry meant I was able to restock with new foods. Since the move, since we live so close to many restaurants and are in a highly social area, our diets went... Read More

The Reset Button

This morning, I had an opportunity to check myself and my priorities. We’ve had a busy week, everyone was tired, and I was rushing to get us out the door and the little guy to preschool so that I could... Read More