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Fallow Fields

I thought I lost myself for a minute. Inside the pressing needs of blending a family and all of the space that came when leaving a job that no longer served, a pandemic swept me off my feet and into... Read More

Chapter One- Mountains

Fire safety plans, lists of rules and consequences, tax returns, bank statements, transcripts, medical records. There is a mountain of paperwork that comes with a license to foster. There are hours of classes in which you are given information that... Read More

Three Eggs

*This is the first in an installment of a series I intend to write about my five years of experience as a foster mom. In August of 2010, I found myself suddenly in Tanzania on a bus full of high... Read More

Learning to Listen

Everyone who knows me would agree I’m impatient. They’d also say I like things my way, but I suppose we all do. Eleven months ago, I sat at a picnic table with a man who would change my life forever,... Read More