So, I used to have a MINI, and I adored it. But then my husband was needing a truck, and it was the one we had the most equity in so I traded it for a truck and drove his Denali. And then the baby put a nickel in the DVD player and it needed new tires, and it was super expensive, so we traded it for a 2008 Sequoia, which was what DH wanted. 

And I HATE it. With a white hot passion of a thousand fiery suns. 

I’ve tried getting a better attitude about it, and I can’t. I hate it. I get pissed driving it. It’s huge and awkward and gets horrible gas mileage and I can’t even get the baby in his car seat in a parking lot without hurting my back and I hate it.

Have I mentioned I hate it?

While I’d love another MINI, I do understand that we have a large family and I do need something that can haul. And so I keep thinking I’d like a minivan. It wouldn’t make sense to trade for another SUV, since the one I have is just fine and serves it purpose, no matter how much I loathe the manner in which it goes about doing this. I could obstensibly just keep this beast for another year and a half until my Dozer gets a drivers license, and then maybe get another MINI. 

But here’s the thing. I am afraid I will get a minivan (and I’m thinking a loaded up Odyssey or Sienna), and the dork factor will be so high that I will also hate it and regret this decision even worse. I’m writing all this out because I know there’s a lot of moms and dads reading that have an opinion one way or another. 

So, tumblrs, what should I do?