Mama de Foster

My new title. I like it 🙂 Also, fostering refugee and immigrant teens is pretty much the best ever. I adore it.... Read More


Sitting outside the DFPS office playing “guess who’s the foster mom/caseworker/bio parent”.... Read More


7:00- Up and at ’em! 9:00- Meeting at Stinky’s school for back to school stuff 11:00-Drive an hour across town to pick up kitty 12:30- Other side of town for Flower’s meeting 2:00-Back across town for a football meeting at... Read More

So, how does it work?

I get asked a lot of questions about being an international foster parent, and so I thought it would be good to explain the process here, from start to finish. This is just a basic outline of what a typical... Read More


Moscato, I do not like you.... Read More

This time tomorrow-

I’ll be welcoming our newest foster placement. I’ve been in a mad rush to get everything as organized as I can get it so that this process is seamless as possible and disrupts everyone as little as possible.  It’s crazy... Read More

Does anyone know anything about “immigration foster care”

fosterhood: I’ve only heard this and it sounds like they are actually group homes (or institutions) rather than federal foster care. fosterhood I’m doing this right now. It’s basically the same as domestic care but the kids come from other... Read More

Up Next

Taking some time out from our vacation to let my dear readers know that we’ve accepted placement of a 16-year-old girl, who I’ll call Flower) from Guatemala. She will be coming the end of next week and attending ESL classes... Read More

My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter

**OFFICIAL SITE** HOW TO QUINOA: LIFE LESSONS FROM MY IMAGINARY WELL-DRESSED DAUGHTER is in bookstores now! Follow Quinoa on Twitter (@ImaginaryQuinoa) Instagram (@Imaginary_Quinoa) and Facebook (MyImaginaryWellDressedToddlerDaughter). Or contact me, Tiffany, by email at This is pretty much the best.... Read More

What Happened and What Now

It’s been a whirlwind week! We got into a good rhythm as a family, and the bonus boys were learning a lot of life skills in addition to increasing their English skills every day. I can’t begin to say enough... Read More