Support is Key

I am so grateful for the people in my life who support me so that I can do this work. I have friends and family who call just to check in and listen, a my lovely and loyal housecleaner and... Read More

Mommy and Sugar Biscuit’s Day Out (at Perot Museum)... Read More

Honeymoon’s over, y’all.

We’re gonna make it, but it’s definitely over.... Read More

Nothing to see here…

Just gate shopping for a gate to go with the whole lotta fence we are having installed. ... Read More

An Egg-sistential Crisis

We live on a hunk of land large enough to support a couple of miniature donkeys and a handful of chickens. We started with a small group of hens and expanded to ten hens and a rooster last Spring. Over... Read More


“I will not surrender until I no longer have hands or feet.” -Flower, after a particularly trying week of school, in response to an encouraging text I sent her.... Read More


In most states, foster parents are allowed to intervene in their foster child’s case after having the child in their home for a certain length of time. In Texas, on year is usually considered the standard amount of time you... Read More

I really need to carry Kleenex

My 16-year-old foster daughter just gave a homeless man the last of her allowance. And then she cried to me, saying, “He has a beautiful face”. View On WordPress... Read More

A Willing Heart

Every  birthday, from the time I was very small, I waited at the door for my father, until the candles would burn down almost too small, and he never came. My abuela would tell me he wasn’t coming, that my... Read More

The First of Many

“Mama, you prayed and prayed for me? Why?” “Because I wanted you to be safe and I loved you very, very much.” “You gotten me from the hospital, and my birth mom left me there?” “Well, your birth mom was... Read More