Someday, you need to reach down in yourself and find the person you used to be, the soul that still flickers in your darkness. You need to remember where you came from. The blood of warrior women flows in your... Read More


I let my kids stay home from school because we are leaving in an hour to go get a pair of newborn Pygmy goats to bottle feed. Dozer has been begging for goats for at least six years, her persistence... Read More

Stinky’s Christmas list update-

“I don’t want an airsoft gun, I want this BADASS drone.”... Read More

Noise complaints

The cops came to the party we went to last night. It’s been about 25 years since that’s happened to me!... Read More

It finally happened.

Someone, upon learning my youngest is adopted, asked me, “Are all your children yours?”... Read More

Oh boy

I just got a Christmas list from my son, via Google docs, titled “I would love you forever”.... Read More

My Letter

Flower, You’ve been gone 16 days. I’m surprised by this number, the same as your age, the sum of your years around the sun. Time stood still after you left, the way time does when our lives tilt off their... Read More

Wise One

Sometimes we have a whole lot of problems that maybe we can’t solve. But outside of this world that’s full of hypocrisy and evil there is a heaven where our God lives and I am sure he will make disappear... Read More

Brain Dump

After the sudden removal of Flower daughter last week, I’m left feeling pretty burned. The last two placements have been hard for my kids, in that the kids were yanked with no warning and with lots of drama. Some days, I... Read More

Not sorry.

Just ate pecan pie off a napkin. With my hands.... Read More