I am cautiously optimistic that we are close to settled. The fact that I am writing this from my bed with a hot cup of coffee cements my faith in this statement. Hubs went last night and got our good mattress... Read More

The Road

My friend just got a baby. As in, someone knew someone who knew my friend wanted to grow her family through adoption, and happened to know a birth mother looking to place her baby. Fourteen days later the baby was... Read More

Stop Making Sense

I knew it was coming, I’d been getting nudges for a year or so, but I didn’t expect it to happen so fast. If you haven’t heard, we are moving. Our seemingly sudden decision to sell our home and move... Read More

How is your oldest doing?

I don’t think she’s doing super well. Honestly, I think her life is pretty much a mess. I miss her, and I love her, and my heart hurts when I think about her. But I think she is lost right... Read More

Oh holy hell.

More goat video madness.... Read More


We threw Sugar Biscuit his fourth birthday party this evening. Every milestone is a little reminder of how far he’s come, of the miracle of love and the healing power of time. In four days, it marks the day he... Read More

[wpvideo 2tFDq6Ho] I can’t. Even.... Read More

[wpvideo 2tFDq6Ho] I can’t. Even.... Read More

[wpvideo 2tFDq6Ho] I can’t. Even.... Read More

Surprise !!!!!!!

We are moving! A lot of factors played a part in this decision, and we are looking forward to our next chapter. We expected this to be our forever home, but that’s not the case. Right now our plan is... Read More