Pear, cranberry, goat cheese salad with honey vinaigrette. #dinner... Read More

Sometimes I think my husband should pay me for attending the business dinners he asks me to go to. Then I realize he already has.... Read More

Watching Wayne Dyer on PBS with all my boys, a leftover roll, and a glass of Malbec. It’s a good night.... Read More

Oh baby chickens, why must you look dead when sleeping? #backyardchickens... Read More

lovealwaysangelairene: thecorpsebrideiwillneverbe: jah-feel: I’m sorry but I had to reblog this. This book is basically the book I needed as a kid instead of realizing all of those things the hard way~ My future children will have this Must get... Read More


I have increasingly little tolerance for people who choose to remain stuck in their own misery and just want to wallow around in their sads and bitch about it.  Get off your ass and be the change you say you... Read More


So much information. So tired. Wow.... Read More

Continuing Ed

My Healing Touch workshop, hosted at my home in my bonus room, starts in an hour. By tomorrow, I’ll be certified in Level One. In May, I’m taking an SRT course. In June, it’s the I Can Do It conference... Read More

As of Late-

I’ve been quiet because there’s been a lot going on. Last week, before I left town, I finally dealt head on with the strange texts I’ve been getting from unknown numbers asking about Sugar Biscuit. The person claimed to be... Read More

Angel baby... Read More