Wanna play Spot the Spaniel?... Read More

Training last night was a disaster-

I literally had to step in and reframe the way the conversation was going. It  isn’t helpful to anyone to sit in a place of judgement or non-compassion when discussing the bio parents of the children we serve.  Not helpful... Read More

Turkey Chronicles, Day Two. Attack on the tires, after an attempt to block us in our driveway. The situation is reaching critical mass.... Read More

The turkey came back.

He was pecking at the front window. I think he wants to kill us.... Read More

Today’s Meeting

So, they can’t hire me if I plan to foster or do respite through them. It’s the whole preferential treatment thing. I’m okay with that. A volunteer gig is much more in line with where I am in my life... Read More

Someone is big all of a sudden with his big boy hair. (We’ve trimmed his hair in a way that will allow it to grow back out long again. We miss our hippie haired boy!)... Read More

This is the boy turkey that tried to eat my face off when I took his picture this morning. He’s scary as eff, even if it is cool to have wild fowl living in your front yard.... Read More

I don’t know what just happened-

But after an email to my foster agency that induced a phone call with the director in this area, I now have a meeting tomorrow with the Director of Operations for the state and the staff at my agency, and... Read More

Came home from respite training.

Found my boys curled up sleeping in the same bed. Cried happy tears. The end.... Read More

visitheworld: The colors of Nasir al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz, Iran (via maijamaltais). Breathtaking.... Read More