Planted the first of our new trees at our new place today. Two peach trees. Along with the raspberry and blackberry bushes and garden, we are making some good headway on being able to feed ourselves!... Read More

rainbowquilt: (via Rainbow Stripe Crochet Blanket – The Crafty Mummy) Reblogging because I must make this.... Read More

Good Day

Finished a great EBIT class, and then an impromptu sleepover with the Brothers. House full of boys, poor Dozer!... Read More

Pretty much couldn’t resist this mini wheelbarrow at the feed store.... Read More


Living on a big piece of property and trying to organically improve the soil health means a huge price tag at the feed store.... Read More

My poor kids and their hippie new age mom.

My boys are falling asleep listening to a Deepak Chopra meditation. They are almost 12 and 3, going on 58, I guess.... Read More

Do you recommend any career paths for those who are spiritual and/or psychic? I’ve always wanted to help people after I get my degree, but in a more spiritual way.

yourpsychicjourneys: You can help people in a spiritual way without a degree. Helping spiritually is all about living spiritually. Being the example for others and inspiring them to be the best they can be. Counseling, anything to do with personal... Read More

I’m just so very grateful that I get to have a happy, normal, even fun relationship with Dozer. She’s a blast and I so enjoy her. Teenagers are awesome.... Read More

A Letter I’ll Never Send

Dear Starla, I suppose I’m the last person you thought you’d ever get a letter from. The truth is, I’m shocked to be writing it. But I read an essay today in a magazine that put me on my knees.... Read More

Paying My Respects to My Son’s Birth Mother

By Heather Cole I had never crashed a wake before. I was so nervous driving to the funeral home that I accidentally drove the wrong direction, down a one-way street in an unfamiliar neighborhood. An oncoming car honked loudly, and I... Read More