Show ‘em their nightmare!!!!! Some dumb lady on the stands at our pee wee football game. I mean, REALLY?!?!?!... Read More

“Sweet Surrender”-Sarah McLachlan it doesn’t mean muchit doesn’t mean anything at allthe life I’ve left behind meis a cold roomI’ve crossed the last linefrom where I can’t returnwhere every step I took in faith betrayed meand led me from my home... Read More

Doctor checkup with Bub.... Read More

Doctor checkup with Bub.... Read More

I’m a writer, and this table, made with my husbands hands, leaves me speechless. The place where we share food is sacred, and the fact that it’s our old table combined with a new top says so much about where... Read More

Just got chastised on my local foster parent page on Facebook.  Always an instigator!... Read More

Oh man.

Someone really close to us is in the position of having to decide if they will take placement of their adopted son’s two little sisters. And by little I mean 3 years and 16 days. Their adopted boys are high... Read More

My son’s preschool picture makes him look like the Just Say No poster child, or perhaps a person on the county’s Most Wanted website. In fact, they look a lot like the mugshots of certain someones. I chose to decline... Read More

This is how I feel about Tumblr when it keeps eating all my posts and replies.... Read More