I have an interview at one today for a podcast I’ve been asked to contribute to. The topic is women with older kids and what they’ve chosen to do with their lives after getting through the baby stags. Of course,... Read More

Fwoppie’s Facebookin’ on her iPhone. #sixtysthenewforty #hipgrandma... Read More


My husband is watching videos of guys making stuff out of pallets. This can only end well for me.... Read More

My mom is here.

My mom is awesome.... Read More

Here’s a photo of a boy who says allllllll the things, and his mama, who is very grateful for preschool.... Read More


So much to share, so little motivation. This month has been an astrological humdinger, bringing out so much negativity and angst for so many of us. I’ve just been trying to duck and cover and do my life and stay... Read More