Just melted.

Sugar Biscuit just called me “Sugar Mommy”.... Read More

Go long, it might rain.... Read More

This weeks reading.... Read More

Cat nap George.... Read More

RIP, Antoinette.

I found my Salmon Favorelle hen dead this morning. She was a sweet girl, and laid beautiful pink eggs. There was no sign of trauma, she was just dead under the feeder. Please let that be the last of the... Read More

It’s National Foster Care Month. Get involved!

renewinglauren: I was looking up info for my other blog…. and in September 2012, there was an estimated 399,546 kids in the foster care system in the USA. I may have cried a little looking at these numbers... Read More

Our Lady

Back in February, I hosted a Healing Touch workshop at my home. Healing Touch is an energy work methodology, and the last technique we learned was a Chakra Spread. We practiced on each other, and I went into my session... Read More


My little Sugar Biscuit can now dress himself, undress himself, and take himself to the potty. I feel like I should be sad about saying goodbye to babyhood, but instead I’m dancing an Irish jig and singing the Hallelujah Chorus.... Read More

I have a broody hen.

And no, that’s not code for anything.... Read More

Almost to the finish line

It seems like it took so much longer to get licensed this time, but it looks like it will be about 10 weeks, and part of the delay was our fault since Hubs missed a class and had to wait... Read More