Another “funny how life works” moment-

My husband is at an annual skeet shooting event, a huge fundraiser for the CASA agency in the county Sugar Biscuit was placed from. He’s shooting on the team with our former intervention/adoption attorney, who’s now our friend.  Life is... Read More


Maybe. Perhaps. Waiting on an email to confirm we are relicensed and back in the game. Should be today, but I may not hear until Monday. Doing this again is even more proof I’m crazy.... Read More

Patting myself on the back-

I listened to the podcast, and I totally didn’t sound like an idiot, so that’s a great thing. Yay for having it halfway together, at least a little of the time! I’m very grateful for the opportunity to speak on... Read More

Two mothers. Two paths. Two real-life “Beyond Baby” stories. Podcast Episode 30

Have you ever marveled at how many different paths are open to us over the course of our lives? And that can lead to a lot of pressure – pressure to make the “right” choice, or fear of moving in the... Read More

Foster (Kitten) Failure

So, mommy cat and kittens were pretty sick. Way sicker than my friend who brought them to me realized. Once we realized they needed vet care, we contacted the rescue my friends were with. They refused to acknowledge how sick... Read More

The Unfailing Novena of Mary Undoer of Knots

My friends and I are doing a Novena to the Virgin Mary. I’m not Catholic, but I’m pretty sure Mary doesn’t care. It’s a really nice time in my day to take 30 minutes to myself to focus on the... Read More

Wise Words from

Getting over a toxic relationship is like breaking an addiction. Something in the interaction had or has you hooked, and that something is connected to a place deep within you that is unhealed and in need of your kind attention.... Read More

Umm…….. #ondadswatch... Read More

[wpvideo 4w5AQoKv] Gratuitous nursing shot.... Read More

Whole lotta kitties going on-

I have a very persuasive friend who is bringing me a mommy cat and all her babies after lunch today. we are going to foster them until they can go to the adoption center, about a month. What I needed-... Read More