One of my wisest teachers taught about how life energy is a torus, a donut shape where everything is at once expanding and contracting, rotating out and coming back in on itself. We are often brought back to revisit experiences... Read More


I fell down the rabbit hole last week. At first, the slide was slow. Just a little devil whispering into my ear tiny, moth-like lies about how there is never enough time or enough money. Then, the lies grew louder,... Read More


Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself. They come through you but not from you, And though they are with you yet they belong not to you -Kahlil Gibran  ... Read More

Foundations- Part Two

I’d like to think I’m finally settled. I’m hopeful that the incessant movement of the last few years has slowed some. Once again, the pictures are hung, boxes empty, everything in it’s proper place. This is home for at least... Read More

Learning to Listen

Everyone who knows me would agree I’m impatient. They’d also say I like things my way, but I suppose we all do. Eleven months ago, I sat at a picnic table with a man who would change my life forever,... Read More

The Sum of All Parts

At some point in my childhood for reasons I may never understand, I accepted I was most likely broken. I carried shame inside me like the old stuffed mouse that belonged to me as an infant, one-eyed and ragged and... Read More

Splinters of Light

  *This is an old post from a parenting blog I used to write for. I find is still relevant in these times and wanted to share.    It’s been a hell of a week. The news is full of... Read More


Cue suspended animation. I am an artist frenzied with a vision unable to come to fruition. This piece must be set in place, this component must dry first. There is no more work to be done, only waiting. It is said... Read More

Dancing Sisters

Cat’s birthday party was Saturday night. Cat is a new friend of mine, but when we met, I knew we were sisters. Her smile makes you want to laugh with her for hours, and her mermaid hair makes me jealous.... Read More

Making Room

I think about the old me, the way I would have grasped and held on, wildly clutching at everything slipping from my grasp. The old me would have felt anxiety and confusion, fear and despair. But now I see it is... Read More