No power.

Cool. Clearly we are not supposed to eat dinner at home.... Read More

Oven Fried Chicken Recipe : Food Network Kitchen : Food Network

Get this all-star, easy-to-follow Oven Fried Chicken recipe from Food Network Kitchen. This is the chicken I was planing to make today. But it appears I made the mistake of going into a WalMart, something I haven’t done in over... Read More

Where’s my smock/raincoat/tarp?

I’m finally breaking down and dragging out the “paint your own race car” kit that some sadistic fool brought Sugar Biscuit. He’s been asking about it for months. This shit is what grandmothers are for, and his is too far... Read More


Does anyone have a fabulous oven fried chicken recipe?... Read More

Yesterday was pretty great.

I’m not one that needs Mother’s Day to be a big production. I just asked for some time in the house alone and maybe dinner on the grill. My family way topped that. My Sugar Biscuit made me some darling... Read More


If more adults brought themselves to the table of life each day like my son brought himself to the football field this morning, this world would positively rock. He came focused, intent, conscious, and a leader. He showed talent, and... Read More

Dozers co-workers have a new name for her.

Stacy. Because apparently her mom has got it going on.... Read More

Bujnik gets a replacement.

bujnik: tumblewieds: Hubs says if I die, and Mike dies, he will date you, because your food looks good. But you’re going to have to ease him into the gay thing because its not really his speed. However, just between... Read More