That’s a Whole Lotta Boys You Got There…

It’s going well so far with the extra littles. There’s a been a lot this week in general with regards to my husband and his dad and trainings and end of school stuff, but we’ve done okay. No major behaviors,... Read More

I’m Not Proud of This

When I am in the company of children like the ones I’m caring for today, it is often difficult for me to find compassion for their parents. These darling, precious boys, playing “Police” in my living room, are in their... Read More

It’s Raining, Literally and Figuratively

Doing respite this week for two boys, ages 3 and 5. This means I have two three year olds and a five year old. And they are boys. And they never stop eating, or moving.  I have an 11 year... Read More

Papa! You’re like a flamingo.

Sugar Biscuit to my amputee father in law.... Read More Go-kartin’. (Source: Read More


[wpvideo Cg2unejM]... Read More

So many things!

Yesterday was the busiest of busy days and I barely could catch my breath. I had a million things that bled into one another, my friends took placement this morning of two darling little boys and needed help gathering beds... Read More


Tonight, I think the hardest part of foster parenting is the placements you can’t take. We got called today to take a twelve year old boy. He lives hours away. We are the closest home open to boys his age.... Read More

I’m not leaving-

There’s been a few people asking me why I am leaving Tumblr for WordPress. I’m not leaving, but I am growing up, and it was time to switch to a format that allowed me to look more serious and take... Read More

Animal Woes

Jubilee the donkey has what appears to be poison oak or some other equine rash. Solace has a really owie foot, which is the source of the mystery blood on Jubilee (the jump around and play rough) and on the... Read More