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indiedrone: but mom how will other people know that you, a white Texan, are a Christian This just made me literally LOL, because I see this a lot down here. The cross wall, it’s a real thing.... Read More

Picasso and Balance

Our agency called yesterday, saying that Picasso’s current placement wants him moved by Friday, and asking us to take him then. They are going to work finding a placement in another city, closer to his siblings, so he wouldn’t be... Read More

Foster parents out there!

theworldoffostering: thekidzoo: If you are a foster parent/adoptive/guardianship/kinship parent reblog this!! I want to follow more people who get it!!:) I am! Me. Sigh.... Read More


Within days of making the major decision to begin switching agencies and from domestic to international foster care, we got an email. Our agency was enquiring on Picasso, the boy we had last weekend, asking if we would take placement... Read More

Well, wouldja lookie here?!?

Family meeting tonight to discuss taking short term placement of the boy we had last weekend. His foster parents are requesting his removal, for reasons I’m not getting into here. He’s a sweet kid, 11 years old, with some behaviors... Read More

Car Nerd

I’m probably overly excited about the 1970s International Harvester Scouts my husband is looking at buying. But plaid interior? Puh-leeeze!!!!  ... Read More

Fostering Neglect – The Texas Observer

Texas’ foster care reforms were supposed to fix a deadly system. Instead, they might make it worse. Fostering Neglect – The Texas Observer... Read More


Over the last few weeks, several people have called me brave. My guess is that I appear that way because of my willingness to do hard things, go scary places. Compliments no longer make me uncomfortable, but  the word brave... Read More

Just for the record,

it’s my personal opinion that celebrating when a parent relinquishes their rights or has them terminated is in really poor taste. A child has lost their parent, a parent has lost their heart. No matter what circumstances surround the dissolution... Read More